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Modu Seye - Founder

Modu Seye is a native from West Africa and Fitness junkie. Growing up without a Father he took up sports which took the position of a father figure for him. They guided him through the right path away from drugs, alcohol and trouble. A lot of kids have potential but if no one helps and guides them through their journey that potential will be wasted.He is organizing this race to try to get Cabo to become a better place. We need to change the face of Cabo, besides being a place where you can come and party in spring break, it can also be a place where you can get and be healthy. The scenery is absolutely amazing and it inspires you take full advantage of it. The child obesity rate in Cabo is around 78%. That should be a statement of impact by itself. We are hoping that people take initiative with that information alone.“I’ve been blessed for leading an amazing group since I’ve been a trainer. I’ve had the opportunity to train in Los Angeles or in Cabo. Every single group I have trained has been ready to make a difference in their communities. In Cabo, with this race, we are making it happen. Everyone wants to help but no one has the initiative… but if someone steps up and helps then everyone wants to follow. And that is what we want to convey with this race. They see us and they want to be part of this. There will be no one left behind.“ As a group we have a lot of projects to come and if anyone wants to help us they are very welcome. The problem of obesity and lack of health affects everyone in this community but those same people can be the ones that help. It is not about where you came from but who you choose to become. When it comes to the moduvated team we are not only looking trying to look good physically but also be healthy and happy on the inside. To our clients and friends, as a group that is what we deliver. We live by example. It’s going to be challenging but we are not going to be stepping back. Sooner or later people will join us, we appreciate anyone who can join at an early stage… improving health and changing the face of Cabo as a wellness and fitness destination.; this is not about me Modu, not about moduvated . It’s a concept for everyone. This is what we believe we can do as a group. We are very proud to be making the first step!

Isabelle Gagnon Isabelle-LIFESTYLE

She is professional Health Coach and Lifestyle Educator. She offers a Nutrition-Based Body Composition program to help you lead your best and healthiest life with high energy, vibrancy and a healthy and fit body. I am head of the Recruiting committee; promote the event by going to schools, and all potential participating groups in an effort to inspire and motivate the population of Cabo, big or small, to participate.  Also promote and encourage people to sponsor a child who otherwise could or would not participate.








sergioSergio Banos

Sergio Baños E., born in Madrid, Spain. With more than 20 years of Hotelier experience;  16 of those in Latin America & the Caribbean. I always try to work on Resorts on the beach. Living next to the sea with warm and nice weather, really influences me in my positive attitude and mood. I am a biker and I love to ride in Baja! I love basketball, Formula 1 and my new hobby is giving back to the community, a little bit of what I got from them.










Magda_OssorioMagda “Maggie”Ossorio: Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer ModuVated

For the past five years, Maggie has been personal training and teaching many different fitness classes as a ModuVated team trainer including Boot Camp, Cardio Kickboxing, TRX, Body Sculpt, and her specialty Zumba. “Do your best every day, work hard & make progress” is the very essence that describes Maggie’s passion for fitness. Fitness has become her passion…and her work. Maggie teaches three important elements: dedication, enthusiasm & discipline. She believes that with these traits, you can achieve any goal. In order to accomplish your goals, Maggie only asks for one thing, to be committed with yourself.








Gaby_de_la_RosaGaby de la Rosa: Yoga Instructor

Gaby shares with the community the experience of her practice and her passion for yoga. She has been practicing various yoga styles for the past six years at Anusara Yoga(Cancun) and at Vinyasa Flow (Playa del Carmen). After years of searching and seeing changes from within herself, she discovered Naam Yoga (Playa del Carmen). Through her own practice, her passion for self-healing and her desire to help other people to live consciously, she was lead to get certified to begin teaching Naam Yoga (Mexico City).Gaby is excited to share her love for the practice and its power over one’s life. “Wisdom is born of truth, and truth exists all around us, waiting to be incorporated.”







MaraMara Zapiain

Hola! Soy Mara Zapiain, diseñadora gráfica y modelo. Tuve la fortuna de acercarme a los deportes desde los 4 años cuando comencé clases de natación, que con el tiempo se convirtieron en serios entrenamientos, competencias, maratones acuáticos y demás. Al ingresar a la universidad decidí cambiar y empecé con Yoga, práctica de la cual me enamoré y no he dejado hasta la fecha. El pasado verano me uní al equipo de Moduvated, donde aparte de realizar un excelente entrenamiento, conocí a personas muy interesantes y encontré nuevos y buenos amigos. Siendo modelo tengo siempre que cuidar mi aspecto físico y (aquí entre nos) siendo una chica que tiende a estresarse fácilmente, necesito encontrar balance emocional todo el tiempo. El deporte, la buena alimentación y la salud, me han brindado esto; belleza física y emocional y simplemente quiero compartir mi experiencia con el mundo. Moduvated 5K lleva un mensaje cariñoso y saludable para la comunidad de Los Cabos y me enorgullece ser parte de esto. Keep pushing! pow! pow! pow!.

Justice_JohannsonJustice Johannson: Fitness Instructor and Personal Trianer ModuVated

Justice first joined the Moduvated team as a boot camp member. “I was overweight and simply unhealthy. I slept terrible, ate terrible, and had little to no energy to make it through the day. Not long after starting as a boot camp member I knew I wanted to inspire others and I worked hard towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer!!” Justice is living her dream and is currently working with the team that changed her life not too long ago!! Her desire is to change others’ lives just as hers was changed!! Without a doubt, fitness has become her work, her dream and her passion.







Angela_BrownAngela Brown: Operations Manager ModuVated

This is Angela’s first year working with ModuVated 5K, but she is no stranger to community service. After several years of volunteering for the Ray Thomas Foundation (a local non-profit organization that brings breakfast, activities and sports programs to underprivileged kids and teens) she is happy to continue her dedication in working with projects such as the ModuVated 5K and Niños en Acción in an effort to motivate and develop young, determined leaders. She lives an active life and has a passion for all sports and competitions. She is excited to be able to instill the same values and ‘love for the gam’ in the children and young adults that she works with.








Adriana_Mondragon Adriana Mondragon

Mom of 2 amazing girls, who grow since nine years ago, influenced by our example and the environment of this place , aware of The Cabo where she wants to race her family.“That´s the reason why I am so enthusiastic with the M5K project; besides participating with an amazing prolife style team, dedicated, with huge harts and awesome smiles, willing to give. It is about the community we choose to live in, the energy we want to predominate around our lives and our beloved ones and how we can make it happen. Healthy bodies hold healthy minds, in free spirits".Our goal 1000 kids!!!! Bachelor’s degree in Communications, with specialization in Film Studies at Mexico City. She began practicing Yoga in 1991 and submerged into Yoga studies with recognized teachers on various disciplines such as energetics, breathing and spirituality. Since then she leads Temazcales, an ancient Mesoamerican sweat-lodge tradition, incorporating stretching, meditation, herbalism, shamanism, hydrotherapy and visualization.In 2002 she served as Personal Instructor for the crew of the film Master & Commander at 20th Century Fox Studios. Adriana continued her private Yoga, breathing and meditation teaching until now, such as a healer in the Los Cabos area, teaching to groups at private studios but mainly working as a private instructor




kayla Kayla Hamalainen: Diamante Cabo San Lucas - Real Estate Consultant

Kayla Hamalainen moved to Cabo San Lucas from Vancouver, BC to pursue a career at Diamanté as a Real Estate Consultant. She attended college on a softball scholarship and earned a degree in Education. Kayla is proud of a free tutoring program she created at the elementary school where she taught her practicum. Athletes from various sports from her college volunteer their time to help students in math and reading and also play active games with the kids. She has a passion for working with kids and decided to become involved with ModuVated to give back to the Cabo San Lucas community. She is alwo currently volunteering at the Los Cabos Humane Society in the area. Kayla is excited to be a part of such an exciting and dynamic team that shares the same passion as she does for kids, athletics and community.









ivan Ivan Aguilar: Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Soy Iván Aguilar cuento con licenciatura en mercadotecnia con especialización en marketing digital y social media marketing, soy una persona proactiva que vive con la pasión de crear una atmósfera de sueños cumplidos además de ser un agente de cambio con una actitud positiva trasmitiendo a los demás mi talento profesional con la finalidad de juntos poder alcanzar objetivos a corto, mediano y largo plazo. Me uno al proyecto de ModuVated5k ya que podemos romper esquemas e ideología a través de un estilo de vida sano en la comunidad de Los Cabos para que futuras generaciones trasmitan y tengan una mejor calidad de vida en el aspecto saludable ya que también es una convicción que trasmito a los demás. Mis hobbies son hacer ejercicio, gozar de una buena lectura, platicar con gente nueva y ser más creativo día a día. Actualmente dirigo idearoom.mx agencia de mercadotecnia interactiva buscando cumplir con objetivos para nuestros clientes.